The Forty Saints Monastery

The Forty Saints Monastery is located in Saranda, Albania, dedicated to the Forty Martyrs of Sebaste. The 40 Saints Monastery refers to the same story, where modern Saranda got its name from (Saranda means 40 in Greek).

The monastery dates back to the 6th century AD, and it is thought to have been an important regional pilgrimage site. The second floor of the monastery was destroyed during World War II Allies bombings.

The monastery was built in honor of 40 Christian martyrs (Roman Soldiers) who were sent to their death in Siberia when they wouldn’t renounce their religion.

During the prohibition of religion in Albania, the monastery was declared as a Cultural Monument. For all those wanting to visit this unique monument, the Monastery of the 40 Saints is located on the hill facing Lekurs Castle,just 4km off Saranda.

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