Summer Day celebration in Albania

Summer Day was celebrated today in Albania. This is the largest pagan festival in the entire country. Summer Day represents the end of the winter season, the rejuvenation of the spirit of the Albanians, and the rebirth of nature. Most of festivities take place in Elbasan, but this festival is also celebrated in Tirana and other regions of Albania. Summer Day became an official holiday in 2004.

Thousands of visitors from outside the country come to Albania to watch the unique culture and traditions that are part of the Summer Day celebration. On March 14th, people wear a Verore, which is a traditional bracelet made of two braided red and white strings. During the Summer Day celebration, there are many festivities organized in the country. Another tradition is the giving of ballakume, which is a traditional cookie from Elbasan.

Activities kicked off in Tirana early in the morning where many students from the schools were dressed differently in extravagant and glitzy costumes bringing to the citizens “Tirana Carnival” atmosphere. They held a parade starting from Skanderbeg Square to the Artificial Lake and brought a very beautiful atmosphere with different costumes and painted faces to congratulate the arrival of spring.

Music, carnival, theater, circus, and other entertainment activities enlivened the Lake Park on this holiday. Cruise professionals made demonstrations with boats and canoes in the waters of the Artificial Lake. Another packed area in Tirana was the “DAi??shmorAi??t e Kombit” boulevard. People enjoyed the sounds of music and best performances of Arilena Ara, Sidrit Bejleri, Eneda Tarifa and many others.

/Klara Ruci/

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