SKËNDERBEU – LAÇI , the final of the National Cup

SKËNDERBEU – LAÇI will be the final of the National Cup of Albania. After a blank draw in the first match between Kukesi and Laci, the return match saw Laci score an away goal, thus securing  the final of the Cup. The most dramatic match was that played in Vlora, between Flamurtari and Skenderbeu.

The home team and a 1-0 away advantage and were seen as favorites to join Laci in the final but the players of Skenderbeu didn’t think so. Ali Sowe at  59’ and Nimaga at 61’ shattered the dream of Flamurtari.   Two goals and Skenderbeu finds itself in the final , discussing the Cup title with Laci.

The final match will be scheduled by the Albanian Football Association

/Ervin Çali/ 

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