Rama reveals majority’s stance on opposition’s accussations

Prime Minister Edi Rama had a meeting today with the Socialist Party’s parliamentary group, reacting to the audio-tapping published by the opposition on the implication of Interior Minister Fatmir Xhafaj ‘s brother in drug affairs. Prime Minister Edi Rama revealed the majority’s stance on this issue, where, according to him, the opposition-created masquerade deserves not only a clear political response, but also investigation and punishment. ”

“We have no people to sacrifice, and the accusations against the Interior Minister are not made by the justice authorities,” Rama said. But according to him they can neither be neglected, nor can they be left in oblivion. He pointed out that this time someone is going to be punished with imprisonment for the accusations, ” Rama said adding that he had the scientific expertise that the interception material is a pure montage./

Klara Ruci/