Three Albanian projects compete for the “Urban Public Space 2018” international award

There are three Albanian projects that are nominated for the international awards in architecture ‘’ Urban Public Space 2018’’, ‘’Scanderbeg Square’’, the renovation of Himara and Vlora’s promenade.

The international jury of ‘’Urban Public Space 2018’’ has selected 25 projects for this year’s competition, and among those, there are three Albanian projects.

The Albanian embassy in Holland, wrote that the decision of the jury will be given on 20 June 2018.

As for the projects, the ‘’Scanderbeg Square’’, inaugurated on June 2017, entwines the stone part with the greenery, preserving the national and historic symbolisms that it bears. ‘’Scanderbeg Square’’ is a great public space in the frame of an European capital.

The full urban requalification of the promenade and the main square in Himare, gives this city, the image of a typical Mediterranean city, on the coast of Ionian sea. The project preserves the characteristics of the area and is a great attraction for the tourists in all seasons.

And the third project, is the famous ‘’Lungomare’’, the promenade of the city of Vlora, a project that includes three ways of circulation, by motorcars, bicycles and on foot, so everyone can find their self , depending on their desires.

Inaugurated on May 2017, this project is considered as key in function of tourism in the city of Vlora.


/ERvin Çali/