President Ilir Meta gathers the National Security Council

The National Council of Security gathered under the lead of the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta. The matters under discussions were the state of national security, the integrated control and management of the border, the fight against organized crime, terrorism and illegal emigration, civil emergencies, strategic infrastructure of ports and airports and the cybernetic defense.

Pm Edi Rama informed for the state of national security and the annual directive for security of Albania. For other matters, the present members informed the Council.

President Meta stressed the importance and the strategic necessity for the fight against organized crime, terrorism and the strengthening of border control.

He also expressed his full support towards the law implementing agencies for deepening the fight without compromise to drug trafficking and organized crime.

‘’The reports of the US State Department, EU and partner agencies, are a solid platform to reflect and build credible stable and long-term partnership, in order to strengthen national security and membership to EU’’- concluded Meta.


/ERvin Çali/