Rama for Euronews: ”Opening negotiations with EU is a matter of life and death”

Pm of Albania, Edi Rama, during an interview with the journalist of Euronews, Efi Koutsokosta, declared that Albania needs nothing else but opening the negotiations with the European Union. ‘’ We don’t need a date to encourage our people. We need to open negations in June. This is all. We don’t want anything else.’’ – stated Pm Rama.

Pm Rama underlined that 2025 is just an horizon where all the countries of Western Balkan can be ready to join EU if they work hard.  ‘’ For us is a matter of life and death, in the sense that opening the negotiations means that we are finally in the future , and we are finally out of the past’’ – declared Rama for Euronews.

/ERvin Çali/