“Mural Fest” in Tirana, international artists paint on the walls of the capital

Foreign artists have chosen to leave their prints on the walls of Tirana, this time in a special way, leaving their messages all across the city.

There are 13 giant murals that will be turned into the newest touristic attraction in the capital, where the eye of the citizens will be amazed by the colors, the entwining of the elements and the messages that this kind of art delivers.

One of the foreign artists, Ania Kitlas, declared that ‘’ I came with 9 other foreign artists, most of them Italians, for participating in the project ‘’ Mural Fest’’. We are expecting an Albanian and a French artist, for completing the 13 murals in Tirana. This is a unique project, because this is a novelty for Tirana’’.

All artists showed their enthusiasm about the project and praised the efforts of the Municipality of Tirana, for transforming the city.

/ERvin Çali/