Fleckenstein: Albania heading in the right direction

The European Council will decide within a few days whether to open membership talks with Albania or not. MEP Knut Fleckenstein rapporteur for Albania in the European Parliament, stated that the set key priorities have been met by Tirana. “There has been some clear progress in Albania, and law-related issues are heading in the right direction and perhaps even better than in some countries within the European Union. Therefore, we must open accession talks with this country, “he appealed to the EP. Another appeal to the Council was for Kosovo as well. “Let’s not forget that the criteria for visa liberalization have already been met,” Fleckenstein said. The German MEP also called for the opening of negotiations with Macedonia and their advancement in the other chapters for the case of Serbia and Montenegro. “We need to send a clear signal to the Western Balkans about our approach to this region,” says Fleckenstein./Klara Ruci/