Albania under the EU integration process

The EU integration of Albania continues to remain a great desire of the Albanian people and a direct challenge of the Albanian politics and institutions. This desire was expressed by the protests of the students in fall 1990, when they revolted against the ferocious communist regime and requested to ‘’  make Albania as all Europe’’.

The challenge is linked with the modernization of the society,  of the country’s economy, the erection and consolidation of the democratic institutions and changing to the European way of thinking.

All the political parties in Albania, since the establishment of the political pluralism in Albania, had the European integration, a priority in their programs and agendas.

Today’s Albania differs a lot from the past. For 27 years, visible progress has been made towards the road to EU: the Albanian parliament has approved laws and amendments according to the European standards, has unfired the Albanian legislation with that of EU, meanwhile the Albanian government has improved infrastructure, has developed important reforms, especially in the judiciary field, naming the judiciary reforms and the  Vetting process.

There are positive results even in the fight against crime and corruption, in respecting the human rights, respecting the rights of the minorities and the freedom of media.

In all the steps it has taken, Albania has closely cooperated with Brussels. The European Commission has recognized the results that Albania has achieved and on 17 April 2018 recommended the opening of accession negotiations of Albania with the European Union. Now it is up to the highest representatives of the countries of EU will take a decision of 28 June for opening or not the negotiations of Albania and the neighboring country, Macedonia.

The Albanian minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, Ditmir Bushati, in a meeting with the students of the University of Tirana declared that ‘’ I believe that the European Council will give the green light, and give us an European perspective, by the end of this month ‘’.

Even the Commissioner for Enlargement and Neighborhood Policies, Johannes Hahn declared lately that ‘’ our desire is to see the countries of Western Balkan part of the EU, in 2025’’.

‘’There are two weeks left until the decision. We will work until the last minute with the skeptic countries for opening the negotiations with the EU, because the opening of the negotiations with EU, is important not only for Albania, but for the entire Europe’’ – declared PM Edi Rama, during the EU Summit for Western Balkan held in Sofia.

‘’We need to open the negotiations, in order to permanently leave the past behind , and build a modern Albania , with the rule of law according to the model of Europe, with consolidated and democratic institutions’’- underlined PM Edi Rama, during his latest meeting with the representatives of EU.


/ERvin Çali/