German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas:Albania good progress through an exemplary judicial reform

Germany is still on the list of those countries that have not decided whether to give the green light to opening accession negotiations with Albania, or not, but a signal was given by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas. “Some states have made good progress, such as the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, where they have fought to find a solution to the name issue in recent days. But even Albania, through an exemplary judicial reform. That is why I am explicitly in favor of the opening of the accession negotiations with these two countries, “he said. The German top diplomat does not mention what the conditions will be, but news media have highlighted that negotiations can be opened, but talks on concrete chapters will only begin when progress is being prioritized by Brussels. Maas spoke this Wednesday at the forum organized by the German Schälzkopf Foundation, in collaboration with the “Pulse of Europe” Foundation, where the topic was “Courage for a United Europe”. He also mentioned in his speech the threat posed to the region from third power if the EU is reluctant to clarify the European future of the Western Balkans. “If the EU fails to make progress in the accession process with these countries, it will have fatal consequences. Other powers are being fostered to fill this gap: Russia, China, Middle East countries, which have completely different ideas of order and stability compared to Europeans, “said the German top diplomat.

/Klara Ruci/