Mayor Veliaj: The new national theatre will cost €30 million

The Mayor of Tirana, Erion Veliaj accompanied by the minister of Culture, Mirela Kumbaro, held a conversation with the community of artists, regarding the latest initiative of the government for building a new National Theatre.

In his speech, mayor Veliaj shared his conviction that the project of the National Theatre will be a success story. He declared that this debate dates back in 1998, when the artists protested for their working conditions.

According to the latest assessment the new theatre will cost 30 million euro, and will be build according to the latest standards of construction.

Afterwards, Veliaj ranked the criteria needed to build the modern theatre, that are absent in the existing one, and cannot be added anymore. Therefore, a new project is bound to start, and construct the newest addition of cultural space in the capital.

/ERvin Çali/