New railway network to be constructed in Albania

The deputy minister of Infrastructure and Energy, Artan Shkreli declared during the presentation of the investing projects that the government is conducting in the city of Durres, that the railway line Durres-Pogradec to be extended even further in Lin and Macedonia, a new project that foresees the full rehabilitation of the line according to the highest standards.

Durres is one of the key spots of the railway networks in our country and it will be under a modern reconstruction, which will have a direct impact in the economic development and in transporting goods and people.

‘’We have entered a phase that the developing projects of the railway system are not projecting only with city lines, but it will be extended to the neighboring countries , which are part of the international corridors, a network that is composed by the countries of the Western Balkan’’, – declared deputy minister Shkreli.

On February 2018, in one of important meetings held in London, where representatives of the Albanian government were present, they decided that 30 billion euro to be disbursed for the transportation system of the 8th corridor, that includes the railway system- declared Shreli.

The projects of the Albanian government are praised by the international institutions and will support the financing of these networks.

According to him the railway of Pogradec is a superb project according to the international standards. The rehabilitation of the network from Durres until Rrogozhina will cost 85 million euro, and that from Tirana in Durres will receive 88 million euro.

/ERvin Çali/