President Meta: We discussed with PM Rama regarding the opening of EU accession negotiations

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta spoke about the meeting he had with the head of the government, PM Edi Rama, and underlined that they talked about important matters regarding the opening of accession negotiations of Albania with the European Union, and the agreement with Greece.

President Meta praised the importance of the opening of the negotiations  and stressed that he believes for a positive decision of the European countries.

Regarding the agreement with Greece, Meta added that ‘’ we discussed for the negotiations with Greece, and the Presidency is waiting for more information, and giving it the full attention it deserves.

He also praised the importance of the Vetting process and the new Justice system, and the Constitutional Court should be the voice of the Albanian constitution.  Asked whether Albania will be turned into a refugee camp, President Meta said that this matter was not discussed. “I believe that every decision should be taken with consensus between the Government and the Parliament, and the other institutions’’ , declared President Meta.


/ERvin Çali/