Bushati: Albania on the right track to a fairer and healthier democracy

Foreign Minister Ditmir Bushati in an interview for Euroactiv has spoken about the postponement of the opening of Albania’s negotiations with the EU.

Among other things, Bushati said that Albania is not ready to join the EU since there is still much work to be done. According to Bushati we have to continue the reform program that strengthens the rule of law and tackles with corruption and organized crime issues.

The Albanian government has already made significant progress in reforming public administration, institutional restructuring of the judiciary, as part of our broader justice reform, fight against corruption and organized crime, improving human rights and strengthening of cooperation with international law enforcement agencies.

Our government is not following reforms because the European Union asks for it. We are taking these sweeping changes to our system because our people deserve better. Albanians deserve to live in a more just society, a more just and stable country, where corruption does not weaken our economy and does not undermine our democracy. We are on the right track to a fairer and healthier democracy in Albania. There is a long way, but the Albanian citizens rightly expect us to produce results. We cannot disappoint them and with the continued support of our European partners, we will succeed. “

/Klara Ruci/