Vlahutin: EU plans to expand funding in Vlora to over 50 million Euros

The water treatment plant in Vlora is a very important infrastructural work for the environment and tourism, which will be followed by a series of other investments.The statement was issued by Prime Minister Edi Rama during the inauguration of the water treatment plant in Vlora. He stressed that a number of other investments for water, sanitation and energy  will continue in the coastal area.The water treatment plant, according to Rama, is a major and very important investment, but it is not the last in terms of sewage treatment and sewer system.
EU Ambassador to Tirana, Romana Vlahutin attended the inauguration ceremony of a water treatment plant in Vlora highlighting that “Albania is experiencing a significant increase in the number of tourists and deserves to have standards like the European Union”. EU Ambassador Romana Vlahutin praised the fact that “Albania has made a huge progress”.

Vlahutin attached significance to the water treatment plant in Vlora not only for the lives of the citizens, but also for the environmental and economic standards starting with tourism. Speaking about tourism required standards, Vlahutin added that we are talking about safe food, clean water, clean beaches, good infrastructure and all this is essential to the quality of your tourist offer. The EU ambassador also stated that EU plans to expand funding in Vlora to over 50 million Euros. Meanwhile, only 15 million Euros have been invested in this plant. “I am happy that we managed to make such a capital investment, “Vlahutin said./Klara Ruci/