Foreign Minster Bushati participated in the Western Balkans Summit

The Minister for Europe and Foreign Affairs of Albania, Ditmir Bushati, is participating in the meeting of the foreign ministers of the Berlin Process, part of the London Summit dedicated to the countries of Western Balkans.

Key matters discussed during the meeting had to do with the European perspective of Western Balkan countries, the increase of security and stability in the region as an added value for European safety, addressing mutual security challenges, increasing the dedication and opening new perspectives for the young generations and strengthening the commitment of the countries of the region towards democracy, rule of law, fight against corruption and organized crime.

‘’The strengthening of cooperation between Western Balkan and EU for security matters is a key condition for successfully addressing the mutual challenges’’, declared minister Bushati.

He also underlined that during the last years the countries of the region have achieved extraordinary success towards peace, stability and close regional cooperation, thanks to the common European perspective.

‘’ The Berlin Process had an important role in these achievements, which increased the cooperation and integration processes for the countries of the region’’- Bushati said.

Meanwhile, the foreign ministers of the Western Balkan countries, but even high representatives of EU and UK as the host of the summit, reconfirmed the unequivocal support in advancing the European perspective of the region.

/ERvin Çali/