Minister Xhafaj in London: Fights against organized crime remains a priority

The fight against organized crime remains a priority for Albania. This was the declaration of the Minister of Interior, Fatmir Xhafaj, during his participation in the London Summit, which is held for the first time with the presence of the interior ministers of the ‘Berlin Process’ and Bulgaria.

The Interior minister Xhafaj praised the summit, as an opportunity to discuss and agree on further strengthening regional cooperation.

‘’Albania considered as key the fight against organized crime and for this we are following an all-inclusive approach for a Special Task Force, that unites all the relevant agencies within the country, responsible for every law enforcement’’- declared Xhafaj.

In this context, Xhafaj underlined that Albania is deepening its cooperation with international partners, the Brits, Germans, Italians, Austrians and the law enforcement agencies of these countries.

During his speech, Minister Xhafaj displayed the results of the Special Task Force, for the identification and arresting a series of criminal groups and the investigation of their assets.

Another priority of the Government and the Interior Ministry is the fight against terrorism, where Albania is a contributor in the global efforts for preventing and fighting terrorism.

By the end of the works of the London Summit, the participations approved a declaration, that foresees the commitment for mutual confrontation with security alerts, including organized crime, violent extremism, terrorism and financing terrorism, corruption, money laundering, trafficking of human beings, migrants, arms trafficking and threats for cyber security.

After the summit, Minister Xhafaj had meetings with his homologues of the countries of the region. The next summit will be held in Warsaw.


/ERvin Çali/