Meta delivers a speech to the Grand and General Council of San Marino

In the framework of the visit to San Marino, the President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, addressed a speech to the Grand and General Council of San Marino.

In his speech, President Meta praised the very good and traditionally friendly relations between the two countries, as well as evidenced the common historical values ​​that the two peoples have shared with each other for centuries. Referring to the history of San Marino, for freedom, independence and sovereignty, President Meta underlined that these values ​​and others in centuries unite us to build together a better future for the benefit of our countries and peoples.

This friendship comes from the glorious times of our national hero Gjergj Kastriot Skanderbeg and his heroic resistance during which several San Marino fighters fought alongside him. President Meta also expressed the satisfaction for the interest, willingness and readiness that the two countries have demonstrated, especially in recent years, to intensify friendly relations and cooperation.

President Meta welcomed the latest decision of San Marino govt to open its Embassy in Tirana and underlined that this is a historic event in the relations between the two countries, which will give a strong impetus to the cooperation between the two countries.

Specifically, President Meta underlined that Albania and San Marino are two countries with a clear European vocation and aspire to be part of the common European market. This unites and strengthens the political, economic, trade and cultural cooperation between the two countries – President Meta said./Klara Ruci/