Tirana city grabs another award from the internationals

Tirana grabs another award from the internationals.  The Albanian capital has been selected in the World Cities Summit 2018 being held in Singapour, as a city having made the greatest progress as regards the city and water management.

“We inherited a water supply institution that had been plunged in crisis and gone to bankruptcy three years ago. Nowadays, this institution is sounder and has lifted all the debts, ready to make huge investments thanks to the EBRD loan, which will double the filtering capacity of Bovilla and a new water supply network will be built. That will help avoid the problems we inherited from the past. Tirana is the leader city paying 98.5% of the water bills” said the city Hall Mayor Veliaj.

Tirana has been evaluated as one of the most innovative cities for the way it has been hugely transformed. Mayor Veliaj promised that in the new mandate will include the transformation rural areas as well./Klara Ruci/