The contribution of Albania in NATO assessed positively

Albania is participating in the NATO Summit that is being held in Brussels, and Pm Edi Rama declared that Albania has been positively praised for its contribution in the missions of the Alliance.

‘’Positive assessment for Albania, for its contribution in the program of NATO, the increase of the defense budget, 13% participation of mutual fronts, active approach against terrorism and violent extremism’’, declared PM Rama.

He added that Albania will be supporting the initiation of the membership procedures for joining NATO for The Republic of Northern Macedonia, since our country has supported the agreement reached between Athens and Skopje.

Also, PM Rama discussed about the relations between Kosovo and Serbia and the continuation of the talks between the two countries.

‘’ I believe that everything is on the hands of both presidents, and of course Albania is interested to find a solution , but Albania never talks on behalf of Kosovo but our opinion remains our opinion , and supports the full recognition of the state of Kosovo and a final solution of the talks , to benefit for the children of Serbia, Kosovo and the entire Balkan region’’, declared Rama.


/ERvin Çali/