RTSH and CCTV sign a memorandum of understanding

Known for the traditional ties of friendship between Albania and China, the media cooperation between the two countries was marked today by the signing of a memorandum of understanding between RTSH and the State Administration of the Chinese Radio and Television. The focus of the agreement was the licensing of different programs that the Chinese offered to the Albanian side and a memorandum of understanding between CCTV and RTSH for news exchange. The head of the Chinese delegation, Mr. Nie Xhenxi underlined the traditional ties between the to peoples , especially noting the cooperation in the field of media , as a necessity for the mutual recognition of the two peoples. The Chinese side offered assistance for different programs, staff trainings and cooperation in different fields.

The General Director of RTSH, Mr Thoma Gellci stressed the importance of this visit from the Chinese Media Administration and the praised the membership of the Asian and Pacific Broadcasters Union.


A special contributor of this cooperation was the Embassy of the Popular Republic of China, and the Ambassador Jaing Yu.  Mr. Gellci praised the Chinese side as an important partner for the development of RTSH. He also declared that an important tie with China is the Albanian section of Chinese Radio Television. Deputy Minister Chenxi praised the help of RTSH for the broadcasts from the radiostation of Cerrik and expressed his conviction that with the help of the Chinese Embassy, this cooperation with Albania will be extended even further.


/ERvin Çali/

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