SP Taulant Balla: The vetting process of the politicians, a propaganda of the DP

The ruling socialist party expressed determination for the Vetting process in politics but considered as propaganda the proposal of the head of the opposition Lulzim Basha. ‘’The proposal of Basha for Vetting in politics is his propaganda. We are ready for a true vetting process and for that in 100% sure from the justice reform’’ – declared the head of the parliamentary group of SP, Taulant Balla. According to him, the National Bureau of Investigation and SPAK will totally guarantee a vetting process for the politicians.

Last week the head of the opposition Lulzim Basha during the meeting of the opposition in Elbasan, published a draft proposal for the vetting of the Albanian politicians, through a law that would require constitutional amendments. Pm Rama reacted by supporting the vetting process, but declared that this is supported by the Justice Reform. The opposition accused Rama that he was scared by the vetting, that’s why he is opposing the law, but the majority declared that the proposal of the DP was unclear.

/ERvin Çali/

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