EC President Juncker : Western Balkan should join the EU

‘’ We have to define in a permanent way the inclusion of the countries of Western Balkan in EU, otherwise, others will undertake the duty to shape our neighbors , declared today the president of the European Commission, Jean- Claude Juncker , during a plenary session in Strasburg.

During his speech de underlined that the challenges are multiplying and we cannot quit in building an united and stronger Europe.

‘’ The migrant case delivered results in the Mediterranean, but the member countries haven’t found a right case between the individual responsibility and the necessary solidarity, that should be displayed if we want to keep the Schengen space without borders ‘’ added Juncker.

‘’ I am against the internal borders, we should eliminate those created. Europe should speak with only one voice’’ –declared the president of the EC, Juncker.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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