Gjonaj and Marku with the head of Italian Anti-mafia: Joint Crime Investigations

Minister of Justice, Etilda Gjonaj and the Prosecutor General, Arta Marku were received yesterday in an official meeting in Rome by the Chief Prosecutor of the National Directorate against Mafia and Terrorism, Mr. Federico Cafiero de Raho. Strengthening co-operation for joint investigation in the fight against organized crime and illegal trafficking through mutual exchange of information and expertise from the Italian side has been the focus of the discussions between the two delegations.

The Minister of Justice emphasized that the fight against organized crime is an absolute priority of the Albanian Government, engaged with all its capacity in this challenge.According to the minister, the establishment of new institutions such as the Special Prosecution and the National Investigation Bureau in the framework of the implementation of the Justice Reform will create the right conditions for prosecuting and investigating criminal offenses of corruption and organized crime and criminal charges in high levels of politics and public administration.Minister Gjonaj also focused on the measures taken by the Government for the cooperation agreement with EUROJUST, which is expected to be signed soon. The signing and implementation of this agreement will give another impetus to the fight against organized crime and international crime.

Minister Gjonaj assured the Chief Prosecutor of the National Directorate against Mafia and Terrorism De Raho for the serious commitment of the Albanian law enforcement institutions in boosting the co-operation, targeting efficient and quicker results in investigating and hitting criminal groups operating in Italy and Albania through joint investigative teams.On his part, the Chief Prosecutor of Italian Antimafia thanked Minister Gjonaj and Chief Prosecutor Marku for giving another dimension to cooperation in the fight against organized crime.

/Klara Ruci/

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