Kukës, the city of hospitality

Kukës is a city in the Republic of Albania. It has a total population of 16,719 people according to 2011 census. By air distance, Kukës is located 98 kilometers northeast of Tirana, 75 kilometers to the east of Shkodër and 34 kilometers to the south of Gjakova and 30 kilometers to the east of Prizren in Kosovo.
Geologically, the terrain of the surrounding area is dominated by mountainous and high terrain. The city sprawls across the Luma Plain within the Albanian Alps.
Kukës traces its history back over a thousand years. The region that nowadays corresponds to the city territory was inhabited by several ancient Illyrian tribes, as most of Albania. Numerous tombs from the Illyrians has been identified at Këneta and Kolsh nearby the city. The residential estate served as a stopping point on a branch road leading to the Via Egnatia, which connected Durrës on the Adriatic Sea in the west with Constantinople on the Marmara Sea in the east. In modern times and due to the close proximity to Kosovo, the city achieved worldwide recognition during the Kosovo War as thousands of Kosovo-Albanian refugees crossed the border and found security in the city.
The city was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in regard to hospitality and for sheltering thousands of refugees during the Kosovo War. It was the first time a town was nominated for that prize. In 2017, the city applied for the 2018 European Green Capital Award to become Europe’s Green Capital.

Kukës local government has lately outlined some of the most important priorities that the government is seeking to archive in a short time, such as the development of mountain tourism as one of the key sectors of the regional development. Agriculture and farming are among the most important rural projects that aim to increase the local animal farms and greenhouses for different products. The development of agriculture and the exportation of its products make Kukes a favorable and promising region for potential investors.
The further development of and mining industry is a strong point for the attraction of foreign and domestic investments in this region because there are several mines being used by investors but the important thing to know is that there exist several active mines unused before. Also, this county invites all investors to invest in the finding and refinement of mineral resources that can be easily found in this area. Kukesi is surrounded by beautiful villages that are being visited in every season by foreign and Albanian tourists.

Kukës has a carpet factory whose products is for domestic and trade use. There is also a copper processing factory as the raw material, copper, is found in this place. Kukës is a good center for fishing and walking in the surrounding mountains. In the bad weather Kukës can be dramatic, with huge threatening cloud formations over the Viku Mountains, and the sparse streets of the little town and the lake, subject to violent gusts of ‘Bora’ snow.
The District of Has is one of the thirty-six districts of Albania and one of the smallest. It is in the north-east of the country, part of Kukës County, and its capital and only municipality is Krumë.  Has is well known for its mineral assets and huge reserves of chrome that have attracted many investors, which consider the investments in this zone as very profitable.

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