Ruçi: Greatly concerned about the recent developments in Kosovo

Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruçi received today his Kosovo counterpart Kadri Veseli. After the meeting both interlocutors came out at a joint press conference.

Speaker Ruçi stated that the Albanian party is following with great concern the recent developments and the involvement of all the parties in the process of dialogue. My appeal is in this situation is that all Kosovo’s political forces must be united. There are many issues they share in their struggle for power, but here they are fighting for the state, the consolidation of peace and stability in Kosovo and the whole region, ” Ruçi declared.

While Ruçi ‘s counterpart, Kadri Veseli is very positive about the future of Kosovo underscoring that Kosovo is an independent and sovereign state. Lack of unity is what harms Kosovo as Vucic’s arrival in Kosovo did not harm Kosovo’s integrity at all.

“Kosovo is steadfastly moving towards dialogue, and we are proud of being on the side of Western countries “, Veseli said.

/Klara Ruci/

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