“Peza N’ Fest 2018” on Saturday and Sunday

Peza Fest has almost become a tradition. For the fourth consecutive year, Peza will host on Saturday and Sunday, September 15 and 16, a series of activities that not only evoke an important event of the Albanian history, the anti-fascist war, but also will create unforgettable moments for all age groups. The Municipality of Tirana and the Agency for Parks and Recreation promise two days full of surprises, where music, art and sports will be intertwined.  “Peza N’ Fest 2018” will start on Saturday afternoon with concerts by a number of talented singers such as Jonisa Lako, Henri and the Band, Semi Jaupaj and others. Then it will continue with other activities such as: Green Night, Cinema under Stars, Picnic, Fire Building and Sports Games. While on Sunday the party will begin in the early hours of the day as war veterans will recall and honor the efforts of the participants of Peza Conference to unite all Albanians and fight the invaders. City Band, Ensemble Tirana, National Circus will offer different music and there will be performances for all ages. While for the youngest there will be a special program where besides the Puppet Theater, the town of games will be built for them. Of course, on this day, there will be music and surprises for all those who have decided to spend their weekend in Peza.

/Klara Ruci/

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