Peleshi: Fisheries 55% export increase more than last year

Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development, Niko Peleshi visited a fish processing plant “Mare Adriatik” in Bushat, Shkodra district. This giant investment, which operates with modern technology and has its beginnings during the years ’95 and today marks 500 workers producing for export to the EU. According to Minister Peleshi this sector is one of the most vanguard sectors in the perspective of exports to European Union countries and beyond. The fish processing industry is already an industry that operates with European standards, competing with the world market. “The first half was closed with 55% more exports than last year. I emphasize once again that these are markets with very high European standards, so we have achieved these standards, “Peleshi was quoted as saying.

The visit of Minister Peleshi to the “Adriatic Sea” facility comes immediately after the positive result Albania received following the audit of a mission of food safety structures of the European Union in our country. It should be noted that steps have been taken for the fisheries sector and in particular fish processing. Last year, the Albanian government abolished VAT on fishing vessels’ fishing boats, which brought benefits to about 2,000 fishermen.

/Klara Ruci/

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