”Albanian Lion 2018” , joint military training with NATO allies

The creation of the Kuçova NATO airbase, as the only Alliance base in Western Balkan, is the testimony for the seriousness and the role of the Albanians as a factor of stability, peace and security in the region.

This was the declaration of the minister of defense, Olta Xhaçka , who praised the joint training of Albanian Lion 2018, and stressed the role of Albania in the Alliance.

‘’ We will continue to fulfill our duties in NATO, with Albania having an important contribution. We support all the initiatives of the Alliance, and now after 9 years of membership our country has been transformed into a contributor of the Alliance’’ – added Xhaçka.

According to the minister, the modernization of the airbase of Kuçova is the confirmation of the role and the responsibility of Albania for the security in the region. ‘’ Kuçova is not a random choice, but a result of the seriousness and the role of Albanians as a factor of stability for the peace of the region- declared Xhacka.

Xhaçka saluted the joint military training of 1200 soldiers, coming from UK, Croatia, Kosovo, Slovenia and Albania. She underlined the ambition of multiplying the participation of the Albanian troops in Albanian Lion.

The priority of the Albanian Armed Forces continues to be the  development and the modernization of the troops, beside the NATO allies.

Our peacekeeping troops have made us proud wherever they have served, with our sea vessels Oriku and Lisus and the military personnel in Afghanistan.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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