Agreement with Frontex, Albania closer to EU

Albania signed a co-operation agreement with the EU on justice and border management. It becomes the first non EU country in the region, to sign an agreement with Frontex. The Ministerial meeting for Justice and Home Affairs ended. With the newly signed agreement on justice, Albania becomes the third country in the Western Balkans, along with Macedonia and Montenegro, to co-operate with Eurojust (European Union’s Judicial Cooperation). As regards the other agreement, signed with the European Agency for the Protection of the Border and Coastal Zone (Frontex), Albania becomes the first country in the region signing such an agreement with EU. The agreement between Albania and Eurojust foresees operational and strategic cooperation in the judiciary for a more effective fight against transnational crime. Eurojust President Ladislav Hamran said after the signing of the agreement that “it will open all possibilities for Albania to participate and benefit from all the practical cooperation instruments provided by Eurojust to bring the suspects to justice and protect the citizens. Only together can we make Europe a safer place. “

/Klara Ruci/

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