Jourová: The most credible and honest process of politicians’ vetting is free elections

EU Justice Commissioner Věra Jourová in an interview commented on the proposal brought up by the Democratic Party about the vetting of the politicians. Jourová emphasizes that the most credible and honest process of politicians’ vetting is free elections. The European top official states that there should be a strong public scrutiny on free elections, politicians should be fully responsive to the public. There needs to be a very strict scrutiny by independent media by presenting to the public the work that politicians make based on facts.

“There are processes that must function in democratic countries, and I can not say whether this is a good idea or not, but I would like to see more political culture in every state and to have greater pressure on politicians who have done something wrong in order to release them from their duties. But this should be done through the law.

Focusing on justice reform, Jourová emphasizes that it is the Albanian state rather than the European Union implementing the reforms. “It is the sovereign state with its sovereign powers and with its political intentions. I am sure that the process of reforming the judiciary and prosecution is very important in order to increase the confidence of Albanians in these institutions that have been established to give justice to people. I can not imagine that the European Union can do it instead of the state or for the state, “says the EU Commissioner.

The European top official states that politicians are citizens of the country and must be subject to the same instruments and legal measures. Politicians should be subject to justice just like all other citizens, even more strictly because they have to be accountable to the public and there should be pressure on them to resign if they are involved in a wrongdoing.

/Klara Ruci/

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