Positive assessment for Albania at the European Parliament

The Commission of Foreign Affairs of the European Parliament discussed yesterday the draft project for Albania, compiled by the European MP, Knut Fleckenstein.

This report was supported by all the political formations in Europe.

‘’ This is reflected by the fact that only 23 amendments were accepted in this report and this is the lowest number of amendments compared to the previous reports for Albania and compared to the reports of other countries of the region.

During the debate, EU rapporteur Knut Fleckenstein declared that the progress achieved up to now with the integrating reforms is accepted and should continue with the efforts for its implementation.

Fleckenstein stressed the positive progress of the vetting process and required from the Albanian authorities the continuation of the implementation of the reforms in the justice system and concrete results in the fight against organized crime and corruption.

However, the other European Mp, Eduard Kukan, recognizing the progress of Albania, underlines that the organized crime and corruption menace the process of European integration.

After the good news received by the European Parliament where it was confirmed the positive advancement of Albania, came the reaction of the foreign minister Ditmir Bushati.

Minister Bushati praised the decision taken by the European Parliament, writing; ‘’ Great news, the Resolution of the Foreign  Commission of the European Parliament confirmed the sustainable progress regarding the EU reforms and approved the course set by the council of Europe for opening the accession negotiation with the European Union in June 2019.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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