Albania makes progress on renewable energy

Around 85% of the electricity consumed in Albania in 2016 was generated from the renewable sources, according to the data published by ‘’Eurostat’’ by the end of September. This data brings Albania on the top of all the countries of EU, even though Albania produces mostly all the energy from the hydropower stations.

According to the data, Albania stands behind Island and Norway, compared to the consumed energy and renewable sources.

Albania has benefited from the rivers that flaw across the territory, in order to produce energy. Some of the main hydropower facilities  have been build during the communist regime, such as Koman Hydropower over the Drin river, that produces 65% of the electricity needs of the country.

As a result, Albania, a country that aspires to become a member state of EU, that has received the candidate status back in 2014 and hopes to start accession negotiation next year, is one of the first countries that has fulfilled the objective set by Europe regarding the consume of energy and the renewable sources.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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