Albanian movie ”The Delegation” premieres in Warsaw Film Festival

The Albanian movie ‘’The Delegation’’ will premiere at the ‘’Warsaw Film Festival’’. The project was initiated by Artan Minarolli, who wrote the script and was finished by the director Bujar Alimani.

The festival that started in Poland will end on 21 October and is considered very important in the film industry. This year is the 34th edition of this festival that sees the participation of many other foreign movies.  The cast of the Albanian movie is composed of famous names such as Viktor Zhusti, Ndricim Xhepa, Xhevdet Ferri , Kristaq Skrami, Lulzim Zeqja, Mirela Naska etc.

The movie is set in 1990 where the political prisoners follow with interest the arrivals of the European delegation in Tirana, to follow the democratic reforms , as a condition to join the OSCE.

The movie was shot in different locations in Qafe Molle, Permet, Erseke, Skrapar and Tirane. This movie won the grand from the National Center of Cinematography in Tirana, previously being awarded the grand from ‘’Creating Europe’’.


/ERvin Çali/ 

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