President Meta meets with the Speaker of Austrian Parlament Wolfgang Sobotka

The President of the Republic, Ilir Meta, in the framework of his visit in Austria , met with the Speaker of the Austrian Parliament, Mr. Wolfgang Sobotka. President Meta praised the excellent relations between Albania and Austrian and underlined that the moment is perfect to incite the economic cooperation and the cooperation in the field of education, as inspiring examples  of cooperation that exist between the two countries.

‘’ The Austrian parliament and other important institutions of the country are supporters of the integration process of Albania and the entire region of Western Balkan , and the reconfirmation of this stance by the Speaker of the Austrian parliament, Mr. Sobotka, is really encouraging’’- noted Meta.

In the framework of the Austrian presidency of EU, Meta noted the importance of the finalization process of the visa liberalization for Kosovo, the only country in the region that does not benefit from this. At the same time, President Meta stressed that the positive messages for the integration into EU for Albania and Macedonia are very important, and in this context, Albania is determined to do everything needed in order to receive a positive evaluation for the opening of accession negotiations  in June 2019.


/ERvin Çali/

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