Hahn: Albania running towards EU

Enlargement European Neighborhood Policy Johannes Hahn in an interview with the German media “Welt” talked about the situation in the Balkans. In his speech, Hahn said that among the countries of the region apart from the conflicts, a competition has kicked off on who will progress faster towards the EU.

“Member States argue that EU accession to the Western Balkans countries make sense only if the six countries can be involved. There is a kind of positive competition in the Balkans on who makes the fastest progress. For a long time, Serbia and Montenegro were so-called “runners” in the EU accession process, but now Albania and Macedonia can be, “Johaness Hahn said. Among other things, the Enlargement Commissioner also spoke about Kosovo.He was also asked about the fundamental conflicts that should be resolved in order for the countries of the region to unite.

“Serbia and Kosovo must resolve their dispute. In general, substantial progress has yet to be made on fundamental rights. Last but not least, EU countries must be convinced that accession promises more stability, new markets and more prosperity for all parties, “he said.

/Klara Ruci/

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