Ruçi: Albanian politicians, state officials should be transparent with the public

Parliament Speaker Gramoz Ruçi called on the Albanian politicians and state officials to be transparent with the public and protect the citizens’ interest. Mr. Ruçi made these statements in a symposium on the Conflict of Interest organized by the Albanian Parliament. Mr. Ruçi highlighted that this issue is of vital importance to democracy, the political system and the rule of law. “We, as public officials, we should be in the service of the public not only legally, but also spiritually,” said Mr. Ruçi. He acknowledged that “… power and governance offer opportunities and nurture conflict of interest more than being in opposition. However, conflict of interest is not only a governing, but also cultural and social pathology. ” “We must be honest MPs,” added Mr Ruçi. “In the Assembly we have to stop categorically the decision-making with a conflict of interest between the lawmakers and the acts voted by them. We as parliamentarians, party leaders, or heads of institutions should be separated from lobbying activities. So the Assembly took the initiative and called for the lobbyists to register.”Mr. Ruçi expressed the need to raise the awareness of politicians, lawmakers and officials. “It is time we concertized our actions, to take the necessary measures, to be more transparent with the public and in the interest of the citizens,” said the head of the parliament Gramoz Ruçi.

/Klara Ruci/

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