Radio Day! 80 years of Radio Broadcasting

The official launch of the first transmission of Radio Tirana on the 28th of November 1938, marks the official date of the first audio transmission in Albania. This month we also commemorate the 80th anniversary of the radio that made the history of Albania.

The Days of the Radio “has been present from November 14-17, at the National Historical Museum. Several activities have been held such as: A Forum on the “Transformation and the challenges of radio programs in the Internet age”, Forums, debates and documentaries on the “Models of audio journalism”. A visual exhibition, “History of the Albanian radio” has been opened, displaying photographs from various radio stations in Albania and some documents from the history of Radio Tirana.  

The organizer, Director at the Authority of Audio-Visual Media Arben Muka, representatives from the Media Commission in Albania, the Deputy Director General of the Albanian Radio-Television RTSH, Martin Leka, pedagogues , journalists etc took part in a ceremony organized on this occasion. After expressing the importance of this memorial activity to radio journalism, they have made an appeal to young and career journalists not to give up their mission of transmitting the truth, despite the difficulties they encounter in their professional activity.  

/Klara Ruci/

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