Luan Qerimi, Albanian well-known actor passed away at the age of 89

Luan Qerimi, Albanian well known actor passed away at the age of 89.

Qerimi has been distinguished for the skillful performance of  the famous roles including “Arturo Ui”, “Othello”, “Kremlin Watches”, “The trap” or “Death of the Horse” still remaining alive in the minds of thousands of Albanian art lovers.

Luan Qerimi was born in Lushnje, October 15, 1929 and entered the world of acting, initially at the Army Theater, where his talent would figure out. He was 25 when in 1954 he would enter the National Theater, which was the dream of every young man who wanted to become an actor.

His career kicked off with an episodic role in the comedy “The Prefect” in 1954, in the role of Skender, but since then, dozens would of roles would be entrusted to him thanks to his special portrait, the voice, the seriousness and the way he loved every character, from the gangster to the hero, from the infiltrated to the trusted man.

His roles consist mainly on stage: “Our Land”, “Kremlin’s Hours”, “Othello”, “Hamlet”, “Dragon of Dragobia”, “For Kolgjinaj”, “The girl of the Mountains “, “Arturo Ui” “The epoch before the court”, etc. In cinemas he has played in the movies “Resistance”, “Death of the horse”, “Pirates’ cave”, “One morning phone”, “Come”, “It’s high time”, “The trap”, “Second Night” The Fall of Idols, “” Our Land,”etc. He has also performed over 200 roles in “The Microphone Theater”, as he contributed to the shows “Heroism of Our People through Centuries” and “The Artistic Voice at the Microphone”.

Luan Qerimi has been awarded the title “Merited Artist” since 1989.

/Klara Ruci/

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