Hahn: Visa Liberalization of Kosovo requires time to approve legal provisions

The EU Enlargement Commissioner, Johannes Hahn gave a press conference in Prishtina after the meetings he had with the Kosovo top authorities. Mr. Hahn stated that the European Union was disappointed by the decision of the government of Kosovo to impose custom duties. Mr. Hahn appreciated the efforts put by Kosovo through years, but he stressed out that at a time when the European Commission’s main target is the lifting of trade barriers, Kosovo should abolish the tax imposed on imported goods from Serbia. He encouraged the dialogue with Serbia underscoring the necessity of carrying out reforms in order to achieve the goal of EU accession.

“To support these efforts, we have spent so far 100 million Euros, since 2007, in total 2.7 billion Euros have been allocated to support social development in Kosovo and political and economic development. We are committed and dedicated to the future as well. One of the elements to anticipate regional development was the economic zone that has aimed the removal of trade barriers that hinder regional trade because we have discovered that trade opportunities are still underdeveloped, “he concluded.

As regards the visa liberalization, EU Enlargement Commissioner stated that it is a process that requires time to approve the legal provisions highlighting his confidence that 2020 would be the time of granting or may be earlier.

/Klara Ruci/


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