Telemundo Spanish media: Albania, the jewel of the Balkans

One of the most popular media in Spain, “Telemundo”, through an article invites the Spaniards to visit Albania, assessing it the “Balkan Jewel”.According to them, our country is one of the most amazing destinations in the world.“Tourists number last year increased by 20%. After 40 years of dictatorial pressure, one of the most brutal of the continent, the Republic of Albania is determined to retrieve its deserved place in the continent “, – the article states.

According to them, to get to know Albania, you need a journey through its history, marked by the communist regime that executed and imprisoned thousands of people and it is a country with about three million people.”With this end in view, we have visited all the places that had something to show, such as the House of Leaves Museum in the capital, Tirana, which hid for years the Security Headquarters (secret communist service). Here we find the original equipment used by the secret service, but also those of interrogation and torture, a difficult past that will not be easily forgotten,” writes the article.

And if you are into history, then find the Apolonia archaeological park, the most important archaeological site in the country. It’s an impressive city of Greek origin founded in the pre-Christian era and we barely see 10% of what this city was, so much remains to be discovered and brought to light, “the Madrid media writes.Albania is not just a story, according to them. Here we find impressive mountain scenery such as the Valbona National Park and the Koman Lake, where you are able to enjoy a kind of nature that is truly unique. The striking mountains that surround it, resembles the gulf-shaped glaciers.The sailing on Coman Lake is considered “one of the best cruise ships in the world”.


/Klara Ruci/

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