Balla to French MP Joachim Son-Forget: HCJ, HPC and JAC institutions to be established within December

Secretary-General of the Socialist Party Taulant Balla held a meeting with French MP Joachim Son-Forget, of President Macron’s La République en Marche party. Congratulating the French MP for his election results, Balla said that this is good news, because Mr. Son- Forget is a good connoisseur of the Western Balkans region. Underlining that Albania has already begun the screening process and has fulfilled a number of tasks in this process, Balla requested the support of La République en Marche in the process of Albania’s integration into the European Union. Justice Reform was the core issue under discussion where MP Balla emphasized that within December the three main institutions of justice will be established: the High Prosecutor Council (KLP), the Justice Appointments Council and the High Council of Justice that the Vetting process is already a success. Regarding one of the main concerns the French government has had, that of asylum seekers, during the meeting it became clear that Albania has already resolved this problem and that the number of asylum seekers has dropped drastically. And not only that, but Albania has already become a host country for immigrants coming from Syria and Iraq, seeing it as a way to European countries.

On his part, the French MP, Son-Forget assured that Albania is on the right track of reforms, doing a really good job with regard to the fight against organized crime, corruption and illegal migration. As a good acquaintance of the Western Balkans Region, the French MP emphasized the importance of integrating this region into the European Union. Joachim Son-Forget commended the work of the government led by Prime Minister Rama in all the steps taken towards the European path of Albania.

/Klara Ruci/

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