Rama: Students’ protest gave government a slap and to Albania, hope

Prime Minister Edi Rama stated today in the assembly that the student protest gave government a slap and hope to Albania. While students protest before the parliament, Rama reiterated the appeal for dialogue. Rama said that the government has the solution for the students, but its finalization is reached only through dialogue. The head of the government has set up a working group to prepare documents related to student demands, but insisted that dialogue is necessary.

Also, yesterday the government approved the 3 million euro agreement with the German government for the reconstruction of student dormitories in Tirana. The protest of the students brought back to the parliament even 8 opposition MPs. 4 DP deputies and 4 SMI MP-s are in the plenary session today in the Assembly, breaking the boycott after 5 months.

Students’ demands

  1. Increase the budget at 5% of GDB in order to allow for a half-rate study fee for each level of study, improvement of teaching and infrastructure (universities and dormitories).
  2. Transparency with the budget from the Ministry of Education and High Education Institutions, publishing all online expenses
  3. Increase from 10% to 50% of the total student vote to elect the candidates for deans, rectors and faculties to have a student representative in the academic senate.
  4. Review of Academic Titles and Verification of Plagiarism of PhDs and Textbooks.
  5. Based on Article 99 on Student Councils, the Higher Education Law, item 2, requires the High Education Institutions Board to have an equal number of votes with the Ministry of Education and to add a student representative to this board.
  6. Provision of all students with a student card within the academic year 2018-19
  7. Construction of European and online bookstore libraries free of charge for students in Albanian language.
  8. Evaluation of performance in the teaching and research of the pedagogue, the online publication and lecture registration. /Klara Ruci/
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