All state structures on alert due to bad weather

All the territory of our country is going through heavy snowfall, blocking the circulation of vehicles and creating difficult situations in many municipalities of the country.

The ministry of Defense through the General Directory of Civil Emergencies and the General Staff of Armed Forces are closely working with the ministries of the line, the Albanian Road Authority, the State Police, the Electric Cooperation, the distribution operator, the institution of geosciences, energy, water and environment and with the 12 prefects of the local units.

Over 2000 officers from the Armed Forces, the State Police, OSSHE employees and health are in full alert in order to assist the citizens for every problem.

Pm Edi Rama stressed that all the state structures are maximally committed to be close to the people and to ease the difficult situation created by the weather conditions that hit Albania during these days.

Even the helicopters of the Air Forces and their crew are in alert and ready to fly and respond to the health problems and food supplies on the villages that are blocked by the snow.

/ERvin Çali/ 

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