Platform of Kosovo’s negotiating team for talks with Serbia underway

Kosovo’s negotiating team for talks with Serbia is preparing a platform that shows the unity of the Republic of Kosovo, despite the fact that the two largest opposition parties in the country, the Democratic League of Kosovo and Self-Determination Movement, have not supported the team.

According to Radio Free Europe, Deputy Prime Minister Fatmir Limaj together with the leader of the Social Democratic Party, Shpend Ahmeti, are co-leaders of the Kosovo delegation in this process.

Limaj said that this platform will be the main pillar on which the whole process of talks between Kosovo and Serbia will be based. The negotiating team that was established in the middle of December last year by the Kosovo Assembly is waiting for co-ordination and ideas for the continuation of this process by President Hashim Thaci.

The formation of this team has come as a result of the Kosovo Government’s intention to strengthen its role in talks with Serbia, which is also seen by political analysts as an attempt to undermine the leadership role of Kosovo’s President Hashim Thaci in the dialogue with Serbia. This goal is believed to be far behind the idea of ​​”border correction”, which President Thaçi supports but not the Prime Minister Ramush Haradinaj and the Government of Kosovo.

The Kosovo negotiating team has conducted a consultative meeting with European Union officials on January 8th. After the meeting, Foreign and Security Policy Chief Federica Mogherini, who mediates the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia, stated that she has asked for the lifting of the 100 percent tax imposed by Kosovo in November.

Two co-directors of the Kosovo Delegation, Limaj and Ahmeti, said after the meeting that they explained to Mogherini the role of this delegation and the readiness to discuss all the open topics between Kosovo and Serbia, which would lead to an agreement inclusive, with the primary condition, mutual recognition.

However, the continuation of dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia in the new phase of this process, according to EU officials, remains unclear, while Kosovo maintains the customs duty on products from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

/Klara Ruci/


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