Port of Durres

A new joint customs office Albania-Kosovo opened in Durres

Pm Edi Rama was present in the inauguration of the Customs Office of Kosovo in the port of Durres, and underlined that this is a special day in the way of getting closer with Kosovo.

This office constitutes the first important step towards the joint customs operations between Albania and Kosovo. In a conversation with the employees of this office, Rama was informed regarding the facilities that this joint custom point will bring, on the perspective of those who will work in this office.

Praising the employees that will make the first transaction of the office, Pm Rama was acquainted with the procedure.

‘’The businesses from Kosovo can make their declarations from here, and the shipments will continue to be delivered in every corner of Kosovo, without any delays’’- declared Rama.

This office enables that the businesses can be part of the trade in real time, thus creating greater competition with other countries. 

/ERvin Çali/

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