Albania to apply ”one-stop-shop” model with Macedonia

The Interior Minister, Sander Lleshaj had a meeting in Pogradec, with his homologue of Macedonia, Oliver Spasovksi, aiming to deepen and further improve the border and police cooperation.

‘’I congratulated Mr. Spasovksi for the results at the parliament of Macedonia regarding the PRESPA Agreement, that paves the way of the integration of Macedonia in NATO and the European Union’’ – declared Lleshaj.

According to him the discussion were focused on the ‘’one stop shop’’ model at the mutual border, a model that Albania applies with Montenegro and Kosovo, while Macedonia has this agreement with Serbia.

This model eases the movement of the citizens and goods in both countries, and enables the free movement and information exchange with other countries too.

On his side, Minister Spasovski stressed the importance of good cooperation between the parties in the field of Police cooperation, fight against organized crime and global security breach, underlining the further increase of cooperation between Albania and Macedonia. 

/ERvin Çali/ 

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