President Meta decrees PM Rama as Foreign Minister

President Ilir Meta has decreed Prime Minister Edi Rama as Foreign Minister.The head of state has decided to unblock diplomacy by decreeing the dismissal of Bushat and approving the decree on Edi Rama as Foreign Minister. Meta states that Rama’s appointment as head of diplomacy is a special case, but does not constitute a violation of the Constitution.

The President of the Republic assessed this proposal in accordance with the spirit that follows the constitution and the jurisprudence of the Constitutional Court, making an exhaustive and original interpretation of constitutional provisions, and taking into consideration the fact that the exercise of the Minister’s duty by the Prime Minister is the state’s action included in the executive sphere of the government cabinet, which structure is in the Prime Minister’s right to be proposed.

In considering this proposal, the President of the Republic, in the capacity of Head of State, has also considered the importance of avoiding any possibility of creating an institutional crisis that would damage the position of the Republic of Albania in international relations.

/Klara Ruci/

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