Legend: Fabulous treasure hidden by the Illyrian Queen Teuta

For centuries in the province of Mokra there is a legend about a fabulous treasure hidden in the area. The locals still remember an old legend told by their ancestors about “a vast and inconceivable treasure hidden by Queen Teuta during her glorious ruling years of Illyria Kingdom in year 230 BC.”

In 230 BC, the Kingdom of Illyrians led by Teuta, King Agron’s widow, had been greatly strengthened. The Roman Empire, worried by the constant pirate attacks on the Adriatic Sea by the Illyrians after threatening Teuta to stop them and when the Illyrian queen responded negatively, the Romans attacked Illyria which brought the outbreak of the First Illyrian-Roman War, which ended with the victory of the Romans and the collapse of the throne of Teuta. This is the pure historical part and from here the legends kicks off.

When the war began Teuta took measures to protect the vast royal treasure. So it was in the spring of 229 B.C. that she ordered the transfer of the treasury to a secret, remote and secure place. Treasury was transported via the “Egnatia” road inside Illyria, upstream of the Ordaj River, about 160 km in the territories between these settlements inhabited by the tribes of Dasaret and Enkelej in the territory of the ancient town of Lunga, today village Llënga.

This was the site chosen for treasure trove of Queen Teuta, which consisted of a considerable amount of gold, silver jewelery with precious stones and diamonds, loaded and transported by 40 mules, their quantity was equal in weight 6000 kg. It is reported that a specialized unit of builders diverted the flow of river to this part and placed the treasure. Then they walled up with a stone wall, where they used limes, sand, eggs, and sheep wool. Then it was raised using gravel before diverting the river bedrock before, making the treasure indiscernible. It is said that people who knew the exact location were eliminated. That’s the legend. Over the years there has been no treasure hunt.

/Klara Ruci/